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Between modern & traditional

Enjoy the tranquility and relaxation of traditional Greek hospitality. The classically Cycladic houses that the complex consists of are surrounded by majestic gardens. With rose bushes, aromatic plants, fruit and citrus trees. Creating a small paradise that touches the senses of those who want a high quality break.
Each apartment is fully equipped for a comfortable stay and in the internal spaces there are unique objects that reflect the historic tradition of the island of Syros.

In touching distance of the beaches of Finikas, every self contained studio has its own unique personality and is contained within a well defined complex with private parking spaces.
For anyone who wishes a holiday in nature away from stress and noise will find their unique nest.
At Acroterra, Syros we respect all people regardless of culture, race or creed.


Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

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We specialize in arranging business-events. We can help you to dive into your work without a care. Your meeting should be successful, no matter what you aim for.

Our big conference Stonehenge Hall is outfitted with state-of-the-art technical facilities. It is perfect for top level negotiations or board of directors meetings.

For a safe and comfortable transfer to and from the port or the airport of Syros or any destination on the island choose one of the taxis that cooperate with us.

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Weddings & Group events

We are more than happy to cater for your event needs.  We can accommodate groups of up to 21 at any one time. We have a network of experienced professionals we can put you in touch with. Around the gardens at Acroterra Syros we have ample space for large catering and functions, whatever your event requires.

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Kini village

The picturesque fishing village of Kini is a tourist seaside village where guests can enjoy local flavors and aromas in taverns and cafes situated along the small port. From the golden beach one can distinguish the fishermen mooring their boats but also travel by boat to one of the small beaches in the North of the island and discover the beautiful beaches of Delfini and Lotos. Other places worth visiting in the area include the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary, the monastery of Agia Varvara, the monument of the mermaid Virgin Mary in the harbor, the museum of the fishing vessels, the aquatic organisms and shellfish.

Those who are fortunate enough to find themselves on the island on June the 29th, should attend the custom of the Fotaerides, a unique feast in honor of St. Peter just 9 km away from Hermoupoli at the village of Kini, a village becoming one of the main tourist attractions of the island.

foinikas village

Foinikas got its name from the ancient port of the Phoenicians that was established at the Foinikas Bay which continues until today to host private boats, sailing races and water sports. 12 km from Ermoupoli, 5 km from Galissas and near the town of Posidonia, Foinikas attracts a multitude of visitors due to its scenic location and sandy beaches that offer boat access to Psachno islet and its magnificent beach. While in the settlement of Foinikas one can also visit the Church of Agios Panteleimonas and the Kokkina beach located nearby.

Foinikas has about 700 residents while the sports club of Foinikas features one of the best volleyball teams in Greece competing in Volley league and counting many distinctions such as repeated Championships in the Prefecture of the Cyclades, A2 National Championship and League Cup while also having a continuous presence in the top four of the A1 National League.


The capital of Syros as well as of the insular complex of the Cyclades exudes an aura of neoclassical romance harmoniously combining elements from ancient Greece and Western Europe. Visitors are welcome to follow the narrow streets through the picturesque neighborhoods, discover images and experiences of a bygone era and encounter monuments along with neoclassical buildings from the imperious history.

From the impressive Town Hall in Miaouli square, inspired by Ernest Ziller and the palaces of Troy, the Apollon Theater which is a miniature of Scala di Milano, the mansions in the charming area of Vaporia, the municipal library and the remarkable museums of the island to the Temple of the resurrection and other beautiful Orthodox and Catholic churches, the town of Hermoupolis constitutes much more than a beautiful island capital, it constitutes an open-air museum worth exploring from side to side.It is a cosmopolitan capital with its own special character, a vibrant city buzzing with life throughout the year.

Ano syros

Ano Syros was founded in 1200 by the Venetians and continued to be inhabited throughout the course of history while maintaining its Catholic and medieval character. A city characterized by countless steps that pass by the white houses and arches at the edge of the hill leading to the top of the village where the Catholic Cathedral of Saint George is situated.

The town was created gradually, amphitheatrically on the rocks like a natural fortress so as to keep its residents safe from several attacks while the exterior walls of all houses formed a natural fort protecting the locals from the raids. The narrow cobblestone streets gave residents the opportunity to hide from the various pirate attacks while the wooden doors in the entrances of Portara, Epano & Kato Terma, Skalakia and Sabastias completely sealed the city from any invasion.

Home of the philosopher Pherecydes, Ano Syros was and remains a city with distinct character and identity, a city telling a story through its monuments and historic buildings, through the Historical Archive of Ano Syros, the Exhibition of Traditional Professions and other points of interest such as the bust of the national hero, Don Ioanni Dalezio and the spring of Agios Athanasios. A city with a catholic identity unfolding through the Jesuits and Capuchins monasteries, the Church of Virgin Mary of Karmilou and other Catholic churches.

The Neoclassical Mansions of Dellagrazia

The Neoclassical Mansions of Della Grazia adorn the island of Syros with their exquisite architecture and lush gardens. Their name derives from the old church of the Virgin Mary and they are considered a favorite upscale holiday resort by the locals while their privileged location near the port enables visitors and locals alike to moor their boats and speedboats at the village’s dazzling coast. The intriguing fragrances coming from the gardens and greenhouses located in the surrounding area add a romantic touch to the already magnificent ambiance. Some of the most famous villas and mansions at Dellagrazia are Villa Giannikoglou, the Talaki House, Villa Valma, the Georgiades Tower as well as the villas Lily, Rethymni and Petritsi.


During the revolution, refugees in the northern Aegean and Crete settled on the island of Syros. There they built some unique high-ceiling mansions by the sea with striking paintings, woodcut doors, marble balconies, wooden floors and unparalleled details soon creating a stunning neighborhood of captains mansions, of marvelous home-boats “vaporia” that seemed to hover above the rocks. Therefore from the 19th century and onwards the district was named after this incredible boat-habitats also known as Vaporia and continues to be renowned as the most prestigious district in the eastern part of Syros. This is a beautiful and picturesque area with small beaches suitable for swimming and tranquil escapes. While in the area, it is worth visiting the Church of St. Nicholas the rich dominating with its bell towers.


The Town Hall of Hermoupolis

The Town Hall of Ermoupolis on Miaouli square is one of the largest and most impressive Town Halls in all of Greece. That Τown Ηall was built in 1876 under the supervision of Ernst Ziller with a cost estimate of about 300, 000 drachmas. A very large amount for the time! This is a very unique building with a three-storey facade on the side of the square and two-storey facade on the back side of the building which bears striking details, two wings with five vertical window shafts left and right, overhangs, towers and more generally a typical architecture inspired by 3 different architectural styles.

The Tuscan style featured on the 1st floor with the imposing staircase of 15.5 meters width, the Ionic style found on the 2nd floor and the Corinthian that can be observed in the towers. The Town Hall also features a marble pediment dedicated to D. Bafiadakis. Other noteworthy elements of the Town Hall are the hanging ladder at the entrance, the bust of D. Bafiadakis, the boardroom and the portraits of former mayors. The Town Hall now houses the courts, the land registry, the archaeological museum and various other public bodies and municipal services. 


The historic Theater Apollon is one of the major attractions of Syros and constitutes an emblem of the island’s cultural heritage. Created in 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo who was inspired by 4 stunning Italian standards including the Scala di Milano, the theater Apollon adorns the heart of the capital to this day. The Apollo Theater first opened its doors with an Italian theater troupe that among others performances staged the famous Italian opera La Traviata.

Its architectural splendor though did not manage to prevent the major catastrophes that the theater suffered over the years. The Apollon theater was forced to close and to spend a long period of renovations and interventions with funding from the state, with the full support of GNTO and the artistic supervision of Dimitris Fortsas as well as of the architect Peter Pikionis until 2000. Today the theater hosts various artistic and cultural events such as the Festival of the Aegean, famous plays and world-class performances.